I live in Dumbarton, Scotland in a housing estate on a hill near a river.  We have lots of gulls around, many of them nesting on rooftops.  Indeed, I have a nest on my roof where 3 chicks hatched a couple of weeks ago.  Tonight around 2.15am I was wakened by the sound of a bird squawking.  When I looked out of my window I saw a single gull flying round and round in a wide circle, crying out.  Normally the birds are all nestled in and asleep at this time so what was happening with this one?  I am no biologist but it seemed to me it was a distressed call, not a normal sound from a gull.  Was it lost?

Many birds give alarm calls if they feel threatened. It is hard to say exactly what happened in your case without having seen it, but it is possible that a predator such as a cat or maybe a fox disturbed the bird causing it call out. If it had chicks it is likely to be very defensive of them and even more sensitive to any potential threats.

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