I was in southwest Bulgaria on open grassland where the grass grows to about 60cm or 2'. I saw this insect fly onto a nearby blade of grass and I saw that it ws holding onto another insect which it had caught. The insect was about 1 inch long or about 20-25mm, with green eyes. It resembled some kind of wasp. I have attached a photo. I saw it on 30th June 2014.

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HI, This is a robberfly of the familiy Asilidae. I don't know the Bulgarian fauna and suspect it is a rather specialised field! Robberflies are true flies and obligate predators. They have a bristly 'moustache' guard (to the left of the eye) that helps protect the eyes from struggling prey. Looks like this one has caught a chafer beetle of some description...

Sorry I can't ID to species level for you; lovely photo though!