I found this when i took my dog for a walk about 12 ago. Im from Mexico and i found my old boxes and i saw this bone i found that day and i picked up. I have been searching for something to match this bone and not even with the internet i have been capable of identify it. Please help. This has prevented me from sleeping many night. I need some answers please. It may be a common bone but i need to know what is it please. Its lenght is about 11 centimeters.

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It looks to be part of an upper jaw with teeth still embedded. from the size the visible teeth are about 4cm in length so could be horse. Will be interested to see what others think.

I think David may be right about it being horse, but I think this may be a section from the front of the mandible. The horse mandibular symphisis is quite long and robust, so this is how I would expect it to break.