Is it possible for humans now or future to regenerate missing legs, arms or even organs.

Please answer and give me evidence.

it certainly is not possible now - the field of regenerative medicine is still in its infancy. What might be possible in the future is of course speculation and thus by definition is not evidenced.

I suspect that prosthetics will become so advanced that a true flesh-and-blood replacement limb wwould no longer be unecessary.

agreed John and to add bio-interfaces for vision and hearing are developing rapidly so again that will be major new treatments for those pateints with retinal or inner ear diseases. that said I can't imaging how that could be extedned to organs such as heart, lung, liver or kidney but who knows! that is the beauty of investigator led blue-skies research as oposed to centrally dirceted programmes.

As samuel broder said:

If you had demanded that the NIH solve the problem of polio not through independent, investigator-driven discovery research but by means of a centrally directed program, the odds are very strong that you would get the very best iron lungs in the world--portable iron lungs, transistorized iron lungs--but you wouldn't get the vaccine that eradicated polio.