Is it possible that bats were already flying during Cretaceous Periods? 50 million years old bat fossil it doesn't look primitive to me. So I guess that bats could have evolved flight much earlier. Is it possible that bats evolve flight during the Cretaceous period? They could easily fly around dinosaurs and hunt for the insects. There was no aerial nocturnal predator to stop them. And I guess that it was plenty of primitive small mammals around at that time (from which bats could have evolved)

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I think it is possible but probably unlikely.

It appears that the less derived features (including protruding claws, assumed weak flight and inability to echolocate) of Onchonycteris finneyi were apparent at about 52.5mya. Confusing the picture is the presence of Icaronycteris index at around 52.2mya that could echolocate but showed other, less derived features than modern bats.

These species are the closest we currently have for 'protobats' and I doubt that their heritage as what we would define as bats heads back another 13 million years or so to the Cretaceous.