How many years will it take for house cats to evolve?

When they evolved will they grow something new like possible hunt as pack to hunt bigger prey? In pack cats will be better to defend themselves in numbers?

Will they get new ability like maybe they won't have sprint anymore maybe they get stamina like dogs have to chase their prey?

Populations of animals are always evolving. It is a slow continuous process, not a sudden change like a pokemon leveling up.

This kind of extrapolation is very difficult. To predict what might happen, you would have to imagine all of the pressure the cats would be under. This can't be done with any degree of certainty, so we can't predict how cats may continue to evolve in the future.

agreed and to expand a little.

The genome of all species is constantly mutating. that random change is what underlies evolution albeit over a long time period and hundreds to thousands of generations. random mutations can be neutral, positive (advantageous) or negative (deleterious). generally positive is selected for and negative selected against. One also needs to remember that what may be advantageous in one particular scenario may be negative in another - sickle cell trait protecting against malaria but when homozygous causing sickle cell disease, is a good example.

for domesticated cats there is no particular drive for them to start hunting in packs - they have enough food widely available in a domestic setting.

The acquisition of a new trait/ability/skill almost always occurs only when there is selection pressure to do so.