okay anyways i was helpping my grandpa with making his shed when we found a tarantula. I live in canada, manitoba. if you want specifics i live in wampum... my grandpa nor me have ever found a taranula wild in manitoba. anyways it's smaller kind of tarantula. two pinkie's wide from leg to leg wide. and it has a red circle-ish mark on it's back with yellow dots that look like a strawberries seeds. also it has white black white black scheme for a leg pattern. email me back an answer if you think you know what it is or if it even has been seen by anyone around this place before... thanks ^^


Without a high quality photo, we are probably going to struggle for a species ID; see if you can get one and upload it to the site.



It was great you gave the geographic location where you found it, because that really rules out it being a tarantula - at least a native one. There is of course a small possibility it is an escaped pet. If so possible candidates are Cyriocosmus and Hapalopus, both quite bright coloured/patterned small tarantula but from South America - although both groups kept as pets in Canada.

There are no native tarantulas in Canada. There's a wider group of spiders that are close allies called mygalomophs, which share with tarantulas downward biting mouthparts amonst other features. However, in Canada, theres only 5 groups, and nearly all restricted to British Colombia. There is one towards east central, Sphodros niger, which ranges around the great lake region and into Ontario, but i've found no reports of it for Manitoba.

Here's what they're like

I'm not really familiar with other kinds of spiders in your region, so as Dave said, if you can post a phot, that would be really useful.