How do blind people know when they are through wiping their bottom? Thank You.

Hi David,

This is an interesting question. We live in a very visually – oriented society. From street signs to the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ labels on your shower, it is often difficult for sighted people to imagine how it would be to cope with blindness.

I don't believe there is anyone in this forum who is blind so I don't know if I am the best person to answer your question but I will try to explain how blind people adapt to daily life in a world that is mostly populated by sighted people.

It is commonly thought that blind people have 'heightened' sense compared to people who are not visually impaired. Among the scientific community this is controversial. Though it is clear that people who have sensory impairment rely more heavily on their other senses it is not clear whether this is because their other senses have improved in response to their disability or simply that their brain pays more attention to the information it receives from the still-functioning senses. Regardless of the exact mechanism, blind people rely more heavily on their other senses to deliver information that sighted people commonly rely on their eyes for and it is clear that people who have such impairments can adapt to life quite fully.