Have you got any examples of transition fossils? Photos or links or even explanations

There are some lovely examples now of transitional sequences. What makes these three particularly fun is that they've all been highlighted in the past as "problems" for evolution, and all of them are showing more and more fossils filling in the gaps.

1. The first fish to come up onto land. The sequence Eusthenopteron, Panderichthys, Tiktaalik, Acanthostega, Ichthyostega is pretty clean: see http://www.mr.is/~gk/jfr/ordskyr/mynd07 … katrje.jpg

2. The dinosaur-bird transition. The sequence shown here is pretty good: http://people.eku.edu/ritchisong/554ima … osaurs.jpg

3. Early whales. This was a mystery for a long time, until the near-simultaneous discovery of Ambulocetus and Pakicetus filled in an important gap. Take a look at http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrar … le_evo.jpg

Now a word of warning that things are generally not so pleasantly straightforward as these diagrams suggest. There are usually lots of other offshoots along the way, and the exact order of some of the animals isn't as firmly established as the pretty pictures make it look. But these are generally solid.