Everywhere you look now on magazine covers, Tv you see beautiful men and women with, lovely eyes, cheekbones, full lips and exquisite looks.

did humans look like this 1000a of years ago or has the mixture of genes over the years changed our looks?

This is completely cultural.  Look at the ideals of beauty jsut 50 years ago or so and they are very different in body shape and facial features.

Perhaps more to the point, is that all the beautiful men and women you see in the media don't exist today - practically every single image is digitally manipulated - heavily.  I don't particularly want to link to sites with lots of images of models in bikinis, but if you google for photoshopped magazine images, you will find an unbelievable amount of examples.

The way we look has definitely evolved over time and is also influenced by things like makeup and plastic surgery!

Beauty is largely determined by symmetry (the more symmetrical a face, the more we perceive it as beautiful). Thus digital enhancement of images largely focuses on that aspect. The reason for this is unclear but many would say that symmetry is a surrogate for genetic fitness.