i am sami ullah from PAK.What is the concept of science about the evolution of human in this world.
2.who come to this world firstly either male of female?

Hi Sami, science says that humans evolved from an earlier ape ancestor, which we share with chimpanzee, gorilla and neanderthals. Sex evolved well before gender, so gender probably co-evolved, meaning that there was no first; the male and female genders evolved together.

John, what do you mean by "Sex evolved well before gender"?

I presume Joihn means reproduction evolved before gender

Is that it, John? Because obviously asexual reproduction (e.g. binary fission) evolved before gender, but that seems too obvious to be worth saying -- and I suspect you were making a different point that I am missing?

Well, I was perhaps being too generous with the definition of sex, meaning just the exchange of genetic material between contempoararies of the same species to create a new genetic combinations. Maybe lateral transfer is a more appropriate term, but I always equate it in my head to essentially the microbial version of sex. I may have used it in the wrong context there, so perhaps was unclear.

OK, so you are talking about mixing of genes within a population, but between organisms that don't have defined sexes? Makes sense.