i have been a long time dinosaur enthusiast and i was wondering how can i become a Paleoartist?



Hi Zack,

The trite (but true) answer is that you become a paleoartist by creating paleoart. The best thing you can do is create a lot of your own work, and analyse the work done by leaders in the field. Learn from what they do well; and figure out what you don't like about their work and try to do better in your own. Develop your own style rather than slavishly imitating your heroes.

But if you're asking how to become a professional paleoartist, then I'm afraid you really have your work cut out. There are very, very few people out there making a living from paleoart, largely because there are so many very talented and dedicated people doing it just for their own satisfaction. The market is therefore now one that pays well; toss in the never-ending rounds of budget-cuts that museums are suffering and it doesn't look good for professional paleoartists -- even really good ones.

At any rate, if you're to have any chance of making it as a professional, your first step will be to get your work widely recognised as an amateur, then start building up an extensive array of contacts who might one day be in a position to commission paid work from you.

So the upshot is the same either way: you need to work on the art, and get it out there where people can see it. That's all -- I'm afraid there is no special route, such as a paleoart degree.