I was pondering what could be done about the feral pigs that are destroying the ecosystem of Cocos Island when I came across an article about the re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park and how it led to what some are calling a "trophic cascade". This gave me an idea. In the southern US they have a type of dog that is used to hunt pigs. These large bandogs are descended from pit-bulls and mastiffs and are very effecient at capturing and killing wild hogs. Suppose a wealthy individual purchased a dozen or so of these dogs and inseminated them with Wolves and Great Danes. Would the momma dogs be able to teach the half-wolf puppies how to hunt pigs and could this be a cure for Cocos Island?

interesting idea at least in theory.

The problem with this and similar ideas is "unintended consequences". One has no idea what that sort of introduction might do, in contrast to Yellowstone Park where wolves were reintroduced to generate the previous status quo of the ecosystem.

In this case the dogs might eat other animals and/or radically alter the ecosystem, especially if they were top predators and thus could rapidly expand their colony size. Small initial changes can have significant effects multiple generations later. If that happened then one would have to go in and try and remove the dogs which might be difficult. By then the ecosystem might be irrevocably altered.