What am I?(see photo attached).
Adults about 10mm long and about 2+mm diameter
No legs
moves 75-100mm per minute
translucent pale grey(near white)(not as white as a maggot either)
Some have a dark area on back that is forward of centre and 1/4-1/3 it's length(elongated oval).
Pointed front(head) dark grey(about half way to black
by colour the length of the head would be less than .75mm
Can see the abdomen(when it is rolled over) and a smaller area inside, near the rear end(poop shoot)
Rounded back end

Found then this morning coming from a lower area of our shower.
Nowhere near the drain, I might add.
They just keep coming a few at a time.
I keep collecting them with toilet paper and flush.
About a 1/3 of them are about half the size as described above.
I suspect they have hatched from an small area under my sliding shower door.
Have not been able to see any sign of a nest or such.
Appreciate any help.
Regards Peter

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Looks like the final larval stage, the prepupa, of a fly - typically a fly maggot will leave whatever it has been feeding on and move off to find a suitable place to pupate.  Maybe you have got some dampness under your shower and there is rotten wood or other organic material there?