Hi again,    It seems extremely cruel to sex chicks  within the poultry/egg  industry and then place the males onto a moving escalator by their millions each day ,which then drops them into a grinder to be ground up alive or into a gas chamber.  What I would like to know is, with our vast  present day knowledge do we have to produce these "unwanted " male chicks?   With humans, regarding  sex linked genetic diseases as an example, we only put in  one sex of embryo  or even one sex germ cell, why dont we do this kind of procedure or similar  with chickens  and ensure that only female chicks are born  to save such mass destruction of these male chicks.

the simple answer Eileen is it could theoretically be done but is not cost-or time-effective to do in a mass high-throughput market with narrow profit margins. Sad but true!

I read last Autumn that at least one large multinational with egg-based food products was activley funding research into within egg sexing. So while this isn't the complete answer(i.e. male embryos) would still be produced, most people find the ethics of destroyng eggs (vs chicks) easier to grapple with. As far as I know there is no progres sto report yet.

Also worth noting - in the interests of clarification rather than defense - that the currently common practice of macerating live male chicks in the egg production industry (which to me sounds worse than almost any alternative method of dispatch I could imagine) actually follows advice from various regulatory bodies about the most humane method of euthanasia. In other words, whatever your views about the need (or lack thereof) to kill vast number male chicks, the method of dispatch does actually reflect verterinary advice on how to accomplish this task with the minimum of suffering.