On many occasions, I have heard several television "Wild Life Experts refer to "Sharks" as Animals!. In the schools I went to, we were told that "Sharks" are "Fish". This is very annoying for an older person. So to settle this OAP, please give me the correct answer:=

"Sharks" Animal or Fish".

bearing in mind when these same commentators come across "The Whale Shark", they invariably call it "The Biggest FISH in the World"

"Sharks" Animal or Fish"?.

Is a human being a mammal, or is it a primate?

It's both. Humans are primates, and primates are mammals, and mammals are animals.

Similarly, great whites are sharks, and sharks are fish, and fish are animals.

Think of evolution as a great tree of life -- a very common and illuminating metaphor that goes back at least to Darwin. At each branch, two descendents issue from a common ancestor -- for example, dinosaurs and pterosaurs split about 230 million years ago. Most of the names we use for groups of living things represent whole branches of that three, including all the sub-branches.

So mammals include bats: by being a bat, a pipistrelle does not cease to be a mammal. In the same way, by being a bird, a wren does not cease to be a dinosaur. And by being a fish, a shark doesn't cease to be an animal.