Can spiders be hypnotized? In case you are wondering,this is a real question.
Here is why I would ask this.

One day,I was doing stuff on this computer,and I saw a big hunting spider on the floor near me. They somtimes sneak into my bed a night and bite me.There was a black,brick sized blocky aluminum thing next to me. I did not know it's original function, but on that day it was as a spider squisher. As I held it above the spider,I re-aimed the thing and changed the angle at which I held it.It was slightly reflective and the spider just stood there,as if transfixed by the changing reflection. The spider might have been hypnotized,but I didn't know if they could be. Can they be hypnotized? Can any of the invertebrates be hypnotized?
Thank you.

I very much doubt that spiders have sufficienty sophisticated brains to be hypnotised in anything like the sense that we use the word of humans. But I can imagine them potentially being transfixed by a bright light, perhaps reflected from your aluminium brick. I suppose it's possible, too, that it saw its own reflection and reacted to it as it would to another of its species.