what happens to a chicken if it falls of a skyscraper?

What an interesting question.

In general, the bigger an animal you drop off a skyscraper, the worse it will fare. An ant will just walk away; a mouse will quite possibly by OK; a human will die; an elephant will splash. That's because the kinetic energy that has to dissipate on impact is proportional to mass (with scales with the cube of linear dimension) but it's doing this over an area proportional to the square of linear dimension. Also, the energy is proportional to the square of the velocity, and terminal velocity is higher for larger bodies.

But the obvious exception applies in the case of animals that can slow their descent. Drop a pigeon off a skyscraper and it will just fly away. Drop a "flying squirre" and it will glide to the ground. Where does a chicken fall on this scale? I don't know, but my guess is that the great majority of breeds can glide at least well enough to avoid injury on landing. A few of the bigger breeds ... maybe not.

agreed though suspect the outcome is likely to be messy!

Of course, back in the good old days, scientists would just have determined this experimentally. But you know how it is, with bleeding-heart liberal Ethics Committees :-)