My husband found a jackdaw that had obviously had some sort of nast accident, whether it be hit by a vehicle or caught, but escaped by another animal. He bought it home as it has obviously got a damaged wing.

We have put him (or her!) in a big bird cage, as we have one. We have been feeding him. He seems like a very happy lively bird, and he doesnt seem to be bothered about us handling it when we go to get him out the cage, granted he doesnt come to you or anything but he doesnt fight you away so to speak.
And he will even eat out of our hands.

We were hoping that his wing migh heal so we could release him again, however my husband is really keen on having him stay if this is not likely to happen. We have been letting him out to see if his wing has healed any, but we are pretty adamant that it is definatly broken.

What can we do? because we feel that the broken wing must be causing pain, although he seem so happy hopin around and eating his bugs. I noticed yesterday that some of the feathers on the damaged wing are starting to fall out, and his wing does hang down. We dont want to take him to the vets as we think they would just put him down.

Please help.



I'm afraid that a vet is by far your best option here unless you can find a local wildlife rehabilitation centre. If you are in the UK you can contact the RSPCA who will assist with injured wildlife or I would recomend tiggwinkles as the experts in injured wildlife


You should certainly seek advice from one of these sources asap as whet you do now will determine both if/how well the wing recovers and b) whether release back into the wild will be be sensible.