Hello, I hope you can help. I found the attached fossil in a field, close to Wimborne in Doset, a village called Hinton Martell; I often find Roman bronze items, huge quantities of Iron/Bronze age pottery and a myriad of flint items.

This is the first non-flint contained fossil I have found and was curious as to its' orignal owner.

All help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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fossil 004.JPG, 1.17 mb, 3072 x 2304

fossil 005.JPG, 1.2 mb, 3072 x 2304

fossil 006.JPG, 1.19 mb, 3072 x 2304

Really hard to tell from the photos I'm afraid Martin.  But if this is found in an area with lots of flint, my first guess would be that it's a [heavily weathered] rugose coral of some sort. However, I can't see any distinctive features that would verify that.