Please can you tell me if myxiematosis is a man made disease or not.    I have read online that it is manmade and I have also read  that it is NOT manmade. Cheers. Eileen x

Myxomatosis is caused by a virus and I think it is mainly transmitted by biting insects. In terms of 'manmade' it was introduced into at least one country, Australia, to combat the large rabbit populations. Growing up in Southern Victoria I remember the often unpleasant sight of acutely infected rabbits - swollen faces and inflamed eyes were characteristic, the latter often leading to blindness.

correct - see the wikipedia page which is informative … trol_agent

Eileen to my knowledge there are no true "man made" diseases ie genetically produced (that we know about - of course the truth is out there!). I suppose stretching the definition one could include bacteria that carry resistance to multiple antibiotics as a man made disease.