I just came home from a short holiday trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh.
Beeing a Norwegian I very much enjoyed having lots of Lesser Black-backed Gulls of the subspecies graellsii around for daily, close examination. (This subspesies is a rare and somewhat exotic visitor in Norway.)
I soon noticed, though, that apart from a modest number of domestic doves, those gulls also were the only species that were to be seen.
In my 4-day stay, the birds I managed to see apart from the LB-b-Gulls, were a few Herring Gulls, two Barn Swallows, two Goldfinches and one Robin.
I didn't get to spend a very lot of time in the parks, so presumably I missed out on some warblers and Blackbirds, but anyways I would have expected to see several additional species that usually are quite common in urban areas this time of year. But no.... No Crows, no Swifts, no Jackdaws, no Common Gulls, no Laughing Gulls, no Wagtails, and even, no House or Tree Sparrows outside the many restaurants at the Grassmarket...

Have I just been a victim of very unfortunate coincidence (the weather was quite all right, even for Swifts), or is Edinburgh, by some reason, a very bird-unfriendly city? (–It wasn't that clean and tidy..:-)

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I would guess you were just unlucky!