Dear Sir/ Madam,  This latest hybrid row confuses me. Can u help please.  They are saying the resulting embryo is animal and human but they remove ALL the nucleus of the animal egg cell and then insert a full compliment of human DNA so  how can the embryo belong  to both species?. Surely the embryo is fully human as the dna is fully human!!. Cannot wait for your answer. Thanks. Love Eileen, a 67 year old LAY geneticist. ***Therefore  it also cannot be a hybrid too .can it?

Technically, an embryo with a human nucleus and an animal egg is still a chimera, even if it devellops into something mostly human. A lot of information is stored in the cytoplasm of the egg under the form of proteins, proteins concentrations even, and also mitochondrial DNA.
It could be risky to allow the creation of human embryos that would carry some information from animals, mitochondrial DNA in this case would be transmitted and that could lead to unforseen effects on human biology.
Besides possible dangers of a technic, the ethical questions are always deeply connected with culture and sensibility and that is why they often raise such passionate debate: the scientist alone cannot tell what is ethical and what is not, it is for the nation to find a consensus. Often also, there are misunderstandings of harmless experiments because they are difficult to explain in colloquial langage.