I would like help identifying the carcass found in a friend's yard. We live in Lebanon, Ohio. About half way between Dayton and Cincinnati. My research led me to AaB because of this article:
http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/answers … hp?id=8137

Also, here is a news article with a similar carcass where the poor fellow was accused of a hoax:
http://archive.firstcoastnews.com/topst … hat-Before

Our pics were taken the week of Aug.24, 2015. The feature that has us stumped is the "paddle feet". We do not live near a body of water such as a lake or pond. I have 6 more pics if you would like me to send them by email.

We would appreciate any feedback or suggestions for further research.

Kind Regards,
Chris Swoll

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The answer has not changed since the previous post.

These are not paddles, rather the scapulae which are disarticulated and positioned the wrong way round. If you google "dog scapula image" you will see the relevant pictures that confirm this.