hi, i wanted to ask whether it would be possible to cross a domesticated water buffalo with a wild breed of african buffalo. I have found that different types of buffalo have been crossed with bison and cattle, but not with the wild african buffalo.

Thank you!

I don't know if this has been attempted.

Wild (Bubalus arnee) and domestic (Bubalus bubalis) Asian water buffalo are considered separate species, although they are in the same genus and can be hybridised. Coupled with the fact that the wild species is considered the progenitor of the domestic it wouldn't surprise me if taxonomy was revised at some point so the domestic animal became a subspecies of the wild (just as the domestic dog is now a subspecies of Canis lupus -the wolf).

African  buffalo - Syncerus caffer (with several subspecies designated), are not actually that closely related (obviously still bovids with other "cow like" ungulates). So while a cross has not been attempted to my knowledge, I would be quite surprised if viable offspring were produced.