We have just returned from a holiday in Salou Spain.The weather was very mixed-violent thunderstorms,baking hot sun then cloudy by turn.
Sitting in the shade on a hot day we noticed that wasps were feeding on the remains of skewered meat.
The feeding method was to bite rather less than head sized pieces of meat then fly off with them.
I assumed that there must have been some kind of sweet glaze on the meat but this was not so.
Observing the wasp behaviour around the outside buffet,there were many wasps trying to feed on cooked meats,ignoring syrup based sauces,sugar and jams.
Is this typical wasp behaviour? Were they wasps? do UK wasps behave in this manner?
A brave diner assured me that they were not proper wasps and did not sting,he was swatting them away with his hands with impunity.
Sorry to be so long winded but it all seemed rather odd.

Hi David,

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