What are the branches of system ecology that scientists research in nowadays? Or what can system ecology can applied to, or be used?

I have read its Wikipedia (1) page, but sadly it doesn't answer my question (or do I have an ignorance?). The most relevant section of it is the "Closely related fields", but again, it doesn't answer my question directly.

For what I understand, system ecology is a sub-field of theoretical ecology. It uses thermodynamic in physics to explain a biological system, with the help of network thinking and some technique of visualization. I have presented detailly what I understand on my website (2).

(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_ecology
(2) http://lyminhnhat.com/2015/09/21/why-i- … ad-school/

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I do not know much about systems ecology but i just watched this which is - I think  - useful for background


In general the word "systems" is used in biology to imply a need to look at multiple components or pathways, linking biological processes, and the way that they interact. in my view it is a bit of a buzz word (e.g. some would define ecology as the study of interactions in the first place!), but that doesn't mean taking a step back and thinking of the wider picture is a bad thing!