I am currently brain storming possible topics that I could write on for my 6000 word dissertation. I would really like to write something on the Australopithecines (but I am more than happy to do something on the other early hominids) but I don't know what topic within that I could write about.

I'm planning to do biology at university (Oxford hopefully!) so I would really enjoy to do something that reflected my interest in evolution. I would need access to articles, books, research etc so if at all possible I'd be extremely grateful if someone could recommend anyone to me.


You're going to have to do some research around the topics that interest you. Maybe have a look at topics in evolution that are taught or researched at Oxford and pick one of those. Libraries are a good place to start for books. You may want to ask your teachers if they know someone who does evolution who may be willing to mentor you and provide articles that you need. Otherwise try contacting researchers yourself.