G'day, David,

Remeber my question
http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/answers … p?id=13067

I took it the museum as you have suggested - here is the answer -

While we don’t have any ambergris specimens we do have a reasonable sponge collection and we are now able to say that both your specimens are sponges.

The smaller one that you retained is known as a 'glass sponge' (in photo)

The big one we cut in half (the smell nearly shut down Invaresk) and its internal structure matched perfectly dried sponges in the collection- also from Low Head.

We are happy to have a go at identifying any further specimens.

Regards, Simon.

Thanks for the update! This relates to the previous question below.
http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/answers … p?id=13067