My goal is to study palaeontology as a postgraduate (dependant on how my undergrad goes) but I'm not sure which undergraduate degree would be favoured/more useful when applying for palaeontology? At the moment I'm struggling between applying to Earth Sciences and a joint degree in Biology and Geology. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

take a browse of the site by searching (top right hand box) "palaeontology degree". there is no one right answer and to be honest it matters little what undergrad degree you do in the broad area of biology - the important thing is to get the best possible grade from the best university!

David, I've often wondered about this sort of statement - 'it matters little what undergrad degree you do in the broad area of biology..' in the context of applying for post-graduate degrees. Don't you think that it might be advantageous to some degree if, e.g., you wanted to apply for a post-grad qualification in something like psychology, that you had studied psychology at some level as an undergraduate? (at the very least it would give the impression of some on-going interest in the field?).

I agree that for some professions, a specific or more targeted undergraduate degree is important if not essential - psychology being a good example. Those of us that use the phrase I hope would also take that into account when addressing a specific question. In this case for palaeontology (and especially since there are very few specific undergrad courses) I stand by the comment i made above.

Fair enough!