My name is Luiz (you pronounce Lewis) and I plan to imitate to London next year. I plan to follow a career in Molecular Biology. I'd like to know if there are enough work opportunities in the area in the country, and what are the main requisites to be "noted" between other applicants to a job.

Thanks in advance, and congratulations for your fantastic job in this website.

You don't say what your background is or what sort of job you'd be looking for, and this isn't a career advice site! that said there are lots of molecular biology jobs in SE England generally, witha high concentration of universities, hospitals and biotech companies. You can of course expect competition to be fierce for most good jobs. If you are looking for a technician position then experience and skills with particular techniques is going to make you stand out. You will need to be an EU citizen/have appropriate visas to work unless your have exceptionally specialised skills in which case it is posisble that an employer can argue there are no suitable qualified UK/EU candidates.