Hi again!

I'm currently a vet student but I'm looking at my options for a year out in another degree (intercalation), and am having trouble weighing up my options. I'm torn between pursuing microbiology & pathology, or zoology (i've also looked into geology & biology as I have an interest in evolutionary biology, but i don't think this is going to be a possible option).

My relatives have all tried to push me towards microbiology as they say it will lead to a more rewarding career, which is possibly true, but I also think I would really enjoy the zoology course - i am interested in conservation and field work.

My question is - do you think that microbiology would ultimately be more employable/useful, particularly for a veterinary graduate? or would taking zoology purely for the interest be sufficient for future research options considering i'm also going to get a MRCVS degree once I graduate?

Go with what you're most interested in. You never know where your career will take you and trying to predict which course will make you more employable is very difficult if not impossible.

Good to hear from you Esme. For those not familiar with this, at UK Universities if you are studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine one can do an extra year in year 3 which gives you an intercalated BSc.

The question for you Esme is do you mean would an intercalated BSc in microbiology & pathology vs zoology make you a better vet or do you mean whether it would allow you to do something else (eg research or work in a service lab at say DEFRA)? for the former I would say the details of the degree make no difference at all - it is mostly which grade you get which will then allow you to demonstrate you are a high flier. If the latter then yes it would have a bearing and on balance I would probably agree that microbiology & pathology might be a bit more helpful in getting a job later after your graduate. That said the difference won't be major and as always I would recommend you study what you enjoy most. So if zoology "rings your bell" then go for it!

happy to discuss further if you want to make contact via e-mail.