Hi there, sorry for contacting you not sure if its the right place to do so :))
So long story short, some old folks i know who used to work at fishing boats, they catch a lot of stuff with their nets , so the guy always kept what he found, and now he wants to know are they worth anything, tried googling all type of rocks and stuff for few hours and nothing similar was found :/
So, im attaching few pics and please let me know if those are some volcanic rocks or fossils and if they are worth anything? :)
Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

P.S. I'm from lithuania, so the rocks should be from baltic sea

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12273170_10205620884864987_1366755160_n.jpg, 52.14 kb, 720 x 960

12283045_10205620884624981_195857597_n.jpg, 63.27 kb, 720 x 960

I doubt if any of these would have any commercial value. they are as you say volcanic rocks and the middle one may have a fossilised plant frond but either way it is most unlikely anyone would pay much for them.

I would advise your friend takes his collection to the local museum so they can examine them in more detail and give an opinion.