Dear experts,
In the viewpoint of evolution, why do we try to save old people who don't have reproduction ability?


Hi Chiaeuam,

Humans have evolved certain altruistic behaviours that seem to be pretty much universal. Humans have evolved to be incredibly social creatures, and the reasons for that are that it has helped us to survive by working together as communities that display behovourial traits that lead us to look out for one another.

Humans now instinctly (with some exceptions of course) try to help others out and be a good member of society. This evolved primarily as a survivial trait. Humans which showed unconcern or disdain towards other members of society, regardless of their reproductive ability (there is no way for our genes to know who exactly can reporduce or not anyway), were alienated as they did not contribute to the community and thus such behavourial traits are not selected for. Conversely, those traits which allow for cooperation and compassion between community members regardless of age lead to a better functioning society and thus increased chance of survivial and so these traits get selected.