Hi there, I am researching chromosome 2 fusion theory. The theory that chromosome 2 and 3 was fused by a Robertsonian Translocation in two human-chimp common ancestors which mated giving us our chromosome 2 and 46 chromosomes instead of the other higher primates 48.

I was attempting to understand what the odds of this occurring were, to which end I want to know the odds that a chimp baby will be born with this mutation.

I understand that 1 in 1000 human babies are born with a Robertsonian Translocation, is it the same for chimps?

Not much been done on this as far as I can see. The paper below implies it is very variable between primates.

Approximately 150 rearrangements could be identified and related to the human chromosomes. The types of rearrangements vary from one group (suborder, family, genus) to another. For instance, Robertsonian translocations are preponderant among the Lemuridae (44/57) but are nonexistent among the Pongidae. Chromosome fissions are very frequent among the Cercopithecidae (10/23), but were not found elsewhere, and pericentric inversions are preponderant in the evolution of Pongidae and man (17/28).