I`m going to become a paleontolgyst. What are the top 3 best books for paleontolgy ever written , which I  must read in my life time ? Do you know also some very iconic documentaries ?

Thank you in advance !

That depends on how old you are, and how much you already know.

I'd recommend these three, to be read in this order. Excuse the dinosaur bias, as that's what I study myself.

1. The Dinosaur Heresies, by Bob Bakker. Written in 1986, this book was at odds with what was then orthodox, but in many respects its ideas have been vindicated by subsequent work. Its age shows, and much of the detail is no longer useful, but it's still the best book I know as an introduction to the excitement of how palaeontology is actually done.

2. Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages, by Tom Holtz. Amazingly cheap, very complete, pretty well up to date (it's from 2007), and scientifically impeccable.

3. The Dinosauria, 2nd edition, edited by Weishampel et al. Absolutely hardcore, and definitive about every single dinosaur group. Take a look before buying, though, it's fearsomely technical and will be offputting if you're not ready yet.