If you were to debate on the topic of evolution, which facts would you back up your claim with? Furthermore, which ways would you disprove Biblical study?


Evolution is backed up by the fossil record, by studies of populations in the wild, and by laboratory studies of populations of bacteria. The evidence is overwhelming, and simply not in dispute within the scientific community.

But: speaking as a Christian myself, I would not attempt to "disprove Biblical study". What I do instead is to recognise what kind of a thing the Bible is and is not, and specifically that it was never intended as (nor until relatively recently read as) a science textbook. The nature of the language that it uses simply doesn't admit that interpretation. In the 139th Psalm, David writes "I was woven together in the depths of the earth". But no-one interprets that as a scientific claim about where babies come from. In the same way, it simply makes no sense to interpret the opening chapters of Genesis as a scientific claim about the origin of diversity of life.

If those chapters mean anything (and although I believe they do, I recognise that others disagree), then they about the nature of God, the nature of humanity, and the relationship between them. That has literally nothing to do with evolution.