I'm writing a novel, and in one scene the hero (14 years old) and a another man (36 years old) "drown" in a flood of alcohol. The alcohol burst out of the walls and washes them away, making both of them float in the room and hit the walls. The alcohol flood then breaks the doors and washes out to the street, so both are covered in alcohol for a few seconds only.

After that scene, the hero get up and talk for a little while before fainting, while the other man yells/fights and manages to run away.

I guess that a flood of a 100% alcohol will kill both instantly, so I want to make it a water flood, that has some alcohol in it. My questions is: how much percent of alcohol (diluted in water) will allow them to survive the flood and keep walking afterwards, what should be their reactions for the following days, and if they should be in the hospital, for how much time?

Thank you.

I don't know the answer to the specific question you asked, but one other thing you need to know for your novel: the density of alcohol (ethanol) is much less than that of water -- only 789 kg/m³ -- so there is no way a human could swim in it. Your protagonists will sink straight to the bottom, and so they will drown if they're in there for long -- some time before alcohol poisoning has time to take effect.

Otherwise, the question comes down to the extent to which ethanol can be absorbed be the skin (as opposed to the stomach, as when we drink it). That I don't know.