This question is going to seem extremely outlandish and unusual, but I beg you to consider it with some degree of sincerity. I am a 17 year old author who is writing a fantasy novel that concerns the afterlife. In this novel, there is a place where all non-human life goes after it dies. (Again, please bear with me). This means that everything, be it plants, animals, insects that has ever lived on planet Earth goes to this place. Now for the sake of the story, it has to be huge, and I can make it as large as it needs to be (in fact it's always growing). But my question is: How would the different species interact with one another if they are unable to die again? Note that they would still reside in habitats similar to the ones that they did on Earth, and if one were to 'die', they would be simply re-located to a different area nearby. Would it be a continuous cycle like it is on Earth? Or something different? My final question is in respect to livestock. Now obviously we humans raise a lot of livestock on Earth, and I would like to make a statement about that somehow within the novel. If every livestock animal that mankind has raised and killed was suddenly released into this fictional place, what would they do? and how many of them would there be?

Obviously there is no way to be sure about answering any of these questions, but I encourage you to speculate as much as you would like. This is a fictional novel after all, I just want to try and have some degree of realism in it.

Thanks a lot

It's an interesting concept but to be honest I think hard for us to give you a sensible answer. The great thing about fantasy is of course that anything is possible. However, animal behaviour is very much shaped by evolutionary forces including selection through differential mortality. So if you make death an impossibility then it's hard to say how anything would behave  - perhaps as in this world in the short term would be a sensible starting point!