This morning I heard the following piece on ABC Radio National (Australia) - by

Professor Jonathan Stone Professor of Neurobiology,
Director of the Bosch Institute for Medical Research
University of Sydney



most intriguing - but I would like to hear the opinions and thought of other experts on this topic.


As you say interesting.

Well written and all factually accurate. the work on remote ischaemic conditioning is actually less exciting than was initially thought see recent article below
http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NE … hAndBrowse

The stuff on acquired resilience and micro bleeds in Alzheimer's is a developing field see:
http://www.alzforum.org/news/research-n … alzheimers

I am however somewhat sceptical that we will be able to majorly alter or delay morbidity and thus the quality of life in the very elderly in these situations. Evolution has optimised for genetic survival and the inevitable result of us living 3 if not 4 times longer than hunter gatherers did 5000+ years ago will I suspect never be fully or even majorly overcome.