how much energy does recycling save on average a week?

Dear Laurie,

I am afraid there is no easy answer to your question. Recycling saves mainly commodities or raw materials. Taking the example of paper you need to harvest less trees if you re-use old paper. The efficiency nowadays is nearly 100%. Similar methods are used for glass and plastic bottles; cleaning and re-using them saves the energy and commodities to produce new bottles AND you reduce wast! Nearly everything can be recycled: plastic, glass, paper, cloths, metal, rubber... sometimes a completly new product  appears, for e.g. furniture out of an old car tyre.
Therefore it is really hard to give an overall figure as you have to think about who is recycling what, how much energy is needed to recycle, how much energy is saved not having to take of the waste etc. To get an idea have a look on these webpages: … Facts.html … glass.html

And the most important part is: it does help the environment if you do recycle!