Hi, I love worms and whenever I find one struggling across a road/pavement, covered in grit and drying out, I pour a little water on to clean and revive it, find some nice moist earth nearby, place the worm on it then sprinkle more earth and humus on top. FYI, I avoid touching them as I've heard the oil in our hands can harm them, is that correct? I Find stranded worms often during a hot, dry spell in summer, and/or after lots of rain, but recently, I'm quite worried as I've been finding decent sized worms laying, dead or dying on top of the grass in my garden. Often they have blood oozing out of their skin and are turning dark purple/black in places, which I believe is where they've begun drying out. I use no pesticides, herbicides, or any other such product in my garden at all, and the only thing I can think may be causing this is perhaps birds are pulling them up from the ground and are dropping them as they fly off. Could anyone shed some light on why this is happening, and suggest some help for my poor little garden helpers. Thank you

Sorry no one seems to know the answer to your question.