I've been looking around the internet and found conflicting evidence about Sarchosuchus's diet. I've always understood that Sarcosuchus could have fed on dinosaurs, but I've recently read that some scientists think they did not. So I wonder if Sarcosuchus had the jaws for taking down dinosaurs?

In ecological terms, Sarchosuchus likely functioned very much like a modern crocodile or alligator: lurking in water, grabbing anything unwary, and drowning it or simply tearing it apart. For a croc of that size, the idea that they would not take dinosaurs stretches credibility. Why would they pass up a perfectly good meal?

I agree with Mike that the big examples of these would take small dinosaurs if they got the opportunity. However the oft floated idea that these were regularly taking large dinosaurs is for me rather unlikely. The shape of the head is much closer to things like the modern gharial and false gharial (a long and thin snout) that primarily take fish and don't often go for big terrestrial animals (compare them to big crocs and gators).