I've just buried a dead chicken in my garden in hope that I can dig it up in the future and harvest the bones and build it up on a mount. I have removed the organs and most of the feathers to quicken the process (hopefully).

I have tried to research it and some forums are telling me it will take years to decompose and others only months. I guess it depends on the soil, but I have buried it inside the chicken enclosure which means the soil underneath is quite fertile and strong and also no threat of any wild animals digging it up. Any idea as to how long I will be waiting until most of the work is done? I don't mind picking some of the flesh off if its still left but would like it to be less messy and so that the bones are easily detached without me having to break them etc. (I figured it was a cleaner option than boiling the carcass in my mothers caserole pot!)

I do have some very juicy compost full of worms which could be a good idea to fill the hole in if this is a better option than normal soil?

Any tips are apreciated :)

give what you have told us I would guess the bones should be fairly clean in about 6 months.