Dear friends,

I have been thinking for a while to fulfill an old dream: to become an amateur scientist. My husband and I have a cottage in the country-side in the south of Sweden and there is beautiful nature around. I would like to see close-up and learn more about the organisms that live in the ponds, the sea, the trunk of a rottening oak... I believe that will help me to develop an even greater appreciation for the natural environment and, who knows, maybe this will turn out to be the first baby step in a longer journey.

I have come so far that I would like to buy a microscope and to start taking samples. I was hoping you could offer some guidance as to what technical specifications I should look for (I don't need the fanciest of microscopes). I will understand if you cannot "advertise" any particular brand, but any details will be helpful.

Last but not least, if you have any other practical suggestion about how to go about with this project, including how to prepare slides, that would be great as well.

In gratitude,


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