I am a muslim and "Quran" says that the bone comes first then the meat, i think (as i read) it was mentioned even before "Al-Quran" by famous Greek scientists.
But the new science says that they come together at the same time.
Which one is true?
Please answer me as soon as possible and sorry for my bad English.

I cannot comment on either the text of the Quaran or its interpretation.

Embryologically, muscle, bone and cartilage are all derived from the mesoderm (one of the three germ cell layers) in bilaterian animals (i.e. most animals but not sponges, jellyfish etc). It is really the case that cells into the mesoderm begin to differentiate to form the various different tissue types, so I would characterise the development of muscle and bone as a simultaneous process not sequential one.


however since invertebrates have muscles but not bones could it not be argued that muscles developed first

Good point - yes - if you interpret the question evolutionarily, then animals with muscle tissue arose before animals with muscle and bone. In a developmental sense then they differentiate simultaneously in a developing (vertebrate) embryo.

I would add that most of the bones in the skeleton of the jawed vertebrates (other than cartilaginous fishes) forms as endochondral bone. That means that the bone is formed inside of preexisting cartilage tissue. So if you don't mind classifying cartilage as 'meat' then you could make the argument that meat comes first.