If someone were too add animal dna to a human while still a newborn child woild it affect that human? For example if i were to add wolf or lizard dna to a child would it take on traits such as bigger canines and hightened senses or growing back limbs and abilty to stick to walls. Thanks

The ethics of this are highly questionable which is why this doesn't happen practically but yes adding in another organism's DNA will affect a human but how it does so will depend on a number of things such as what gene was added, whether it can be expressed in humans and what it does in humans.

Adding animal DNA to a newborn would be very unlikely to generate any large changes in body type. 
This is because most of the DNA that is involved in building a body plan (like types of limbs and numbers of limbs) is used in building the body plan during gestation - so before birth. 

Besides this, we don't quite know enough about development and genetics to convert body parts to other animals body parts.  We can change a fly wing into a haltere (tiny fly wing-like structure) or a haltere into a fly wing but we can't change either into a bird's wing or even a dragonfly wing.