Hi , Here it Goes...

I believe almost everything has its genes programed that it will get old and die one day.
i take it its the same for trees and coral as well.

So if a SPS coral has a lifespan of 4000 years ( read it on google ) or for the same matter a "Giant red wood "tree lives 500 years ( just a example ) its going to get old and die because its not imortal.

so if i take frags of the coral or Cuttings from the tree near the end of its lifespan and grow it into a new coral or tree as such...

Will it reset its lifespan or the heathy small tree / coral die the same time as the parent , with its genes programed as the parents that it comes from.

Lifespan is determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors so while the new plant will inherit the genetic factors, it'll be exposed to different environmental ones.