Hi, I know this is probably a weird question to get, but I'm curious. Assuming someone altered the DNA of a person, and it caused physical and physiological changes, is there a possible way to revert the human back to their natural state? What's the biology behind that?

I'll put all my cards on the table: I'm talking about the Primitives on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dr. Holden Radcliffe uses the Terrigen crystal, and Kree blood to turn humans into Inhumans. Later on, he says changing them back is impossible. I'm wondering what your take on the situation is. Once DNA is altered, could it be turned back to normal? What of the physical and physiological changes? Would they linger?

In case you're wondering whether I'm serious or not, I am. I'm writing something related to this, and am curious about the theoretical science behind it. Any help would be useful. No, I don't plan on playing mad scientist-well, outside of fictitious encounters. (I included a picture of one of the Primitives.)

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they key word is theoretical. since none of this is possible as far as we know and its a fictional event its entirely up to you whether it would or would not be possible to revert a DNA change back to "normal". Certainly on the basis of genetic engineering as it exists in 2016 - it should be possible.