Quote: "Flies, which had frozen in resin millions of years ago, and which are found nowadays, bear a full resemblance to the ones that live today. So where's the evolution?"

This claim comes from a Russian so-called "documentary" series "I want to believe". The episode in which one could find the quote went by the name "The Darwin's mistake: Why humans didn't descent from apes".

They've had many more bold claims, but this one in particular made me realize that I can't simply deny it, for I don't know if it's false.

I've tried to search the evidence for both sides of the argument, but didn't succeed. Could you help me? Thank you in advance.

any idea that all insects/flies today are the same as those millions of years ago is just plain wrong!

just google "evolution flies/insects" and you will see numerous examples and details of the evolutionary changes that have occurred.

The genomes of all animals are constantly changing and mutating. Changes that are positive and provide a useful/beneficial change are selected for and the converse is equally true. Where habitats and populations are stable then the pressure for change is reduced but by no means removed.